We’re an experienced team of passionate Consultants with over 20 years of experience, striving for a better, safer future for everyone!

We use our pragmatic, down to earth approach to help people realise their desire to be safe and efficient.

Above all, we focus on tailoring solutions that are of genuine value and use to you and your employees, the people who make your business successful.

The Directors

Mark Swain

Director & Senior Consultant

Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner. Construction and Design Safety Specialist. Regularly involved in the development of harmonised compliance systems for global companies, but many smaller projects too. Loves a challenge.

"I look to provide extra business benefits for our clients. I am committed to a pragmatic approach that focuses on improving business efficiency, communications and resilience, rather than simply gaining legal compliance. Well designed management systems pay for themselves."

Steve Maclaurin

Director & Senior Consultant

Customer Relationship Management is at my very core. Delivering any project or task on time and within budget is what a client demands, and we all have a responsibility to achieve this, with good, open communication being the key to success.

Stephanie Barwick

Non-Executive Director

Stephanie has joined the Board of Systems 2 as a Non-Executive Director in September 2022. Over her 30-year professional career in business, she has gained a profound understanding of good governance and risk management. Prior to her joining S2, Stephanie was a CEO for nine years of international and UK registered charities within the medical sector, where she was responsible for all aspects of compliance, risk management and Health & Safety (H&S). Stephanie holds a first-class undergraduate degree in economics and languages and a recent (2020) first-class Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Warwick Business School which is ranked amongst the top 20 MBA’s worldwide. H&S and risk management were integral components of her MBA. From October 2023, Stephanie has taken on the business development and client relationship duties for S2.

The Team

Health & Safety Professionals; Facilities Management Advisors; Business Resilience and Corporate Security Specialists; Fire and Asbestos Specialists; Trainers.

Over the years, we have built a diverse team of professionals with a variety of skills, personal qualities and experience. What we learn from our work, we share with each other, and we utilise that knowledge to help other clients. Our consultants are there to help you with their expertise, but we are always learning. Our minds as well as our eyes and ears are open. Most of all we know that all the technical knowledge in the world won’t help if an advisor can’t communicate well, or can’t understand a client’s business and what motivates them. It’s this last element that makes us different and provides us with so much repeat business.