There are great benefits to be had in taking an overarching approach to managing risk in your business.

Business Resilience Analysis and Planning is a methodical approach to identifying what is valuable in your organisation, what would happen if you lost any of those valuable elements and what you currently have in place to mitigate that loss. It encompasses Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning and Corporate Security.

It looks at all important elements such as key infrastructure and facilities, your supply chain, your valued clients, client industry spread, valuable staff members, potential threats and trends, terrorism, crime, financial market trends, the possible effects of reputational damage etc. Anticipating the possibility and the risk level (likelihood x severity) of these threats and pro-actively building resilience into your business, is the best way to guarantee future success.

This is why blue-chip companies dedicate significant funds to this area of management.

Of course, as with all areas of risk, if you manage this well, the time, effort and funds you devote to Business Resilience Planning will pay you back many times over in the lifetime of your business.

With a wide spread of clients and experience, S2 are ideally set up to help you to get the best benefit from Business Resilience Planning. You don’t have to take our word for it, ask us, and we will be happy to come and undertake a free initial analysis of your business resilience.