Some companies more than others are vulnerable to attack from criminals, terrorists and in some cases even competitors. This kind of problem is usually associated with large multi-nationals and companies of high worth, but it can also be a problem for smaller specialist organisations or companies who operate in high-risk industries / countries.

To a certain extent it is true to say that it ‘goes with the territory.’ However, it would be wrong to assume that nothing can be done about it.

S2S is involved in auditing such companies in order to identify the key areas of vulnerability. Having done so, we look at what protections are already in place and evaluate the risk.

We draw upon our experience with other clients and our connections with government security agencies, ex-members of special forces etc. and then we identify suitable control measures to help reduce the company’s risks.

This area of business requires the constant updating our knowledge in order to keep our key clients informed of the latest threats and intelligence.

For obvious reasons, you will not find any case studies or example clients in our website information, but if you think you might benefit from one of our experts looking at your operations, please contact us and we will be happy to have a confidential discussion with you.