It is in the field of Health & Safety that we made our name. S2’s approach remains unique and still brings us in a lot of business – mostly by recommendation.

We do not start with the law. We focus upon business efficiency. An S2 H&S specialist will first carry out an analysis of your business, in order to gain an understanding of what you do, how you are structured, what makes your company special (your USP and your ethos) and how you want to develop in the future. Armed with this knowledge and having identified what the specific risks are in your business, we then identify how information is communicated throughout your organisation. We then design / re-design the H&S Management System to efficiently fit into that existing system. It’s a bespoke approach. The focus is upon making your business work more efficiently – making H&S work for you. Of course, we also make sure that the law is being complied with, but that comes at the end. And the beauty of this approach is that it fits all types and sizes of organisation.

By following this method, we usually manage to make H&S pay for itself. In fact, often it will result in a net profit!