At S2 we focus on the real world. We know that there’s no point giving clients ‘perfect’ solutions, if those solutions don’t fit with the way the client likes to work. Without harmony, good communication and acceptance, the system will fail!

This is why we avoid off-the-shelf solutions, which might tick the box for legal compliance, but in reality, little benefit will be gained for the client - and in some cases the unused systems may even be used as a tool to prosecute them.

S2’s advisors follow a proven process. We look at your individual business. We identify its component parts; then we analyse it, get to understand the people and the company ethos, and then we put together something ideal for the client.

Unsurprisingly, because the staff and management have participated in the development process, they already see the benefits and are delighted to

follow the new systems. Best of all, the new systems are designed to make the organisation more efficient. The legal compliance comes as an added bonus, not the other way around.

So, more often than not, it pays for itself.