Globalised H&S + Resilience Systems

Client: International TV Network & Production

HARMONISED GLOBAL COMPLIANCE: Systems2 are currently involved in developing globally integrated H&S and Resilience systems for this well-known company. The challenges of widely differing regional laws and cultures cause an immense organisational headache for globalised businesses. With the experience gained in helping a number of our other long-term global clients, Systems2 are helping this company to standardise their systems and to operate with the comfort and security that allows them to focus upon their core commercial business activities.

CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Having developed harmonised systems which allow for all the various national legislative and commercial constraints, we have helped this client to make significant operational efficiencies as well as major cost savings. The company is now finding that this is enabling them to make acquisitions in various countries and to very efficiently implant the pragmatic global management systems we have developed for them.